Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Date Jars

DIY: Date Jar

“What should we do tonight?”

If you’re frequently stumped on what to do for “Date Night” this DIY is for you!! These lovely Pinterest-inspired gems are called Date Jars, and they are the perfect way to add a little fun to your boring old ho-hum dates.

The jar is filled with colour-coded date ideas! In my jar, turquoise is at home dates, yellow is casual/cheap dates, and green is fancy/expensive dates.  When you’re in need of an idea, just fish out a stick in the colour of your choice, and Voila! Date idea!

This DIY is super easy… all you need is:
-       Popsicle sticks
-       Paint (spray paint is fastest)
-       Sharpie marker
-       Jar

Step 1: Paint your popsicle sticks in different colours and let them dry completely
Step 2: Write date ideas on the sticks with your Sharpie
Step 3: Throw the sticks in the jar!

Here’s some of the date ideas I used to get you started:

Home Dates:
-       Cook something new together
-       Play a board game
-       Make dessert together
-       Make a scrapbook of your pictures
-       Stargazing with hot chocolate
-       Pretend picnic in the living room
-       Make music playlists for each other
-       Pizza and a movie
-       Foreign film and foreign food
-       Nerf Gun mission impossible
-       Movie marathon with candy

Casual Dates:
-       Kayak the inlet
-       Go out for ice cream
-       Attend a drop-in yoga class
-       Movie date
-       Hit up an outdoor market
-       Go for a hike
-       Go out for dessert instead of dinner
-       See a comedy show or a play
-       Go to the aquarium
-       Shop for each other – pick one item each
-       Picnic at the park
-       Take photos around town

Fancy Dates:
-       Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
-       Go home for the weekend to visit the family
-       Couples massage
-       Fancy dinner out
-       Plan a vacation
-       Go to a concert
-       Buy something special for the house
-       Buy and prepare a really good steak
-       Hockey game
-       Adopt a sponsor child

Do you have any other ideas to add to the jar??

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hand Painted Teacups

A super easy-peasy DIY for you to try this weekend! 

I just bought some adorable little teacups at the thrift store for 25 cents a piece (see them here), and decided that they needed a little sprucing up! Pinterest has some excellent inspiration for this kind of thing, and the possibilities are essentially endless. I decorated mine with a pewter-coloured porcelain gel, but these things come in so many different colours so you can really get creative with this one. Can’t wait to start sipping tea out of these cuties!

The paint I used is called “Pebeo Porcelain 150 Outliner” and it worked great. I’ve heard you can even do this with Sharpie markers if you bake the mugs afterwards to help it set (35 minutes at 300°F). If you try out this DIY, let me know… I’d love to see what all you creative creatures can come up with!

Enjoy your trendy, pretty, and thrifty new teacups! Xoxo.