Friday, July 24, 2015

DIY Patterned Cork Boards

I spend a lot of time at my desk.  Scratch that – I spend ALL of my time at my desk.  Or at least that’s what it feels like these days, what with all the thesis writing, exam grading, grant applications, and coursework I’ve been doing.  Needless to say, my workspace simply has to look nice or I get really grouchy and the job seems much more painful! To make things look extra pretty, I made a couple of cute patterned cork boards to hold inspiration, pictures, to-do lists and whatever other junk I have lying around! They’re incredibly easy to make and are both decorative and functional… win-win, right!?

You’ll need:
  •           Old frames (the thrift store is a great place to find these – they don’t even need the glass
  •            Painter’s tape
  •            Cork roll (I picked mine up at Staples)
  •            Scissors
  •            Contact cement or other adhesive
  •            Spray paint

STEP ONE:  take your frame apart and spray paint the outside whatever colour you like! You can discard the glass, but keep the cardboard/chipboard insert because that’s what you’ll glue the cork to.

STEP TWO:  using the frame insert pieces as your guide, cut a piece from the roll of cork to fit inside your frame.

STEP THREE:  apply a liberal amount of contact cement to the cardboard backing of the frame and then stick the cork piece you cut out down on top. Smooth it out and press down firmly. (hint: if you stack some books on top of this while it’s drying, it will come out nice and flat!)

STEP FOUR:  using the painter’s tape, tape off whatever design you like best and spray paint over top. You’ll need a few coats, as the paint tends to sink into the cork a bit. For best results, allow to dry for a while between coats.

STEP FIVE:  Peel off the tape and reveal your beautiful design! Load the piece back into the frame and hang!

That’s it! So easy and totally adorable! Do you have a favourite workspace DIY project? Comment below!



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